Easily Track Trucks, Loads with New Trucking App

July 17, 2017 Daven Stanley

As we continue to help solve our customers’ business problems, HCSS has created HCSS Trucking, a mobile and web app designed to help eliminate paper truck tickets and tedious reconciliation and remove fraud from the trucking process.

HCSS Trucking“Trucking is the most underserved part of construction, and it is ripe for innovation,” said Mike Bordelon, HCSS Vice President of Product Management.

HCSS Trucking’s Ticket Writer app allows your ticket writer in the field to capture every single load brought to or removed from the job site and capture every hour of time that a truck is working a job – whether that truck is part of your fleet or a subcontractor. The app, with the help of iBeacon identification devices, identifies each specific truck on the job site and the materials its carrying.

The Driver’s app allows your internal drivers to see their schedules for the day, clock in and clock out, and log picked up and dumped loads.

In the office, the HCSS Trucking Manager website allows you to set up jobs and dump sites, cost codes, materials, and drivers, schedule your internal drivers and send those schedules out, and run reports on load tickets and driver times. It also integrates with HeavyJob and your accounting system to round out your job site management and reporting.

Beta Testing Helps HCSS Design New Products

HCSS has asked several customers to try out HCSS Trucking in a Beta environment and provide feedback as we design and improve the software.

Lecon, Inc. previously used a large handheld scanner and handheld printer on the job site to scan each truck, print out the ticket, and hand that ticket to the driver. Quality Control Manager Caleb King said having everything available on a phone is more convenient for his ticket writers in the field.

“On top of that, the data being able to be seen live and updated continually throughout the day is a huge improvement,” King said. “With the old system, we have to upload the data at the end of the day. We don’t know where we’re at until the very end of the day.”

“We’re pretty excited to get that correlation to nail down more accurate cycle times and cut out any fraud,” King said. “We’re already getting calls from other contractors where a trucker that worked on one of our projects went and worked on theirs and told them, ‘Y’all need to do something like Lecon is doing.’”

Easy Implementation Helps Companies Set Up Quickly

HCSS Trucking is simple to setup and intuitive to use. Beta customer Shirley Construction started using the app without any in-person implementation from HCSS, relying only on virtual training.

Project Engineer Frank Kozuch said the field learned to use the app on iPads quickly because they were already familiar with HCSS software.

“This will provide us with a lot of information and streamline the process of checking in trucks, verifying loads, and paying our subcontractors and verifying the hours that trucks were used,” Kozuch said. “When we get to the HeavyJob integration, it will be key to making sure that everything is on the same page and that we’re getting our costs in without having to spend an extra hour or two getting everything concise and into our system.”

Trucking Billing and Payout is Faster

Lindamood Demolition chief estimator Kory Peterson said they’re testing out HCSS Trucking on a project in which six different large structures of all different types and materials are being demolished. Everything from metal buildings to brick with concrete or structural steel frames are being taken apart.

Each of those different materials must be separated and sent to different recycling facilities, rubble pits, or landfills, which makes the company’s trucking operation quite complex and hard to track.

“The landfill is the most expensive place to take material to,” Peterson said. “On our average demolition job, the landfill waste by tons is only 10-20%. The rest is recycled. We have to track that for our own internal costs, and we also have to track each load for LEED goals. We have to tell them every single ton of material that we haul off, where it went to, what was the weight and how much.”

Before HCSS Trucking, Lindamood would take tickets from each truck and wouldn’t get those to the office for at least a week or more. The tickets would be put into an Excel spreadsheet, which would then be sent to accounting and to the client.

Lindamood runs two separate trucking divisions – one for demolition and another for heavy hauling. Peterson said the demolition side is looking forward to being able to track trucking hours, something they never accurately received before.

“With the start and stop functionality on the app, we’re going to get an accurate amount of time per job, exactly what load they hauled, and what material it was,” he said. “We’re looking forward to getting an accurate view of what our production is per load and how much time we’re taking so we can have more accurate estimating and really clear job costing on a daily basis to make adjustments as needed.

“On the heavy haul side, we’re looking forward to being able to dispatch drivers, take pictures of the equipment, tag where it was dropped so that we can give proof to the client that this is what we hauled and where, and can track all that seamlessly and reduce manual entry as much as possible.”

HCSS expects to release HCSS Trucking in Fall 2017 to help our customers improve their truck and load tracking, track costs by material or cost code, improve lag time between truck usage and billing, and compare actual trucking costs against the estimate.

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Easily Track Trucks, Loads with new Trucking App
Easily Track Trucks, Loads with new Trucking App

The post Easily Track Trucks, Loads with new Trucking App appeared first on HCSS.

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Easily Track Trucks, Loads with new Trucking App
Easily Track Trucks, Loads with new Trucking App

The post Easily Track Trucks, Loads with new Trucking App appeared first on HCSS.