Use HCSS eLogs to Meet 2017 FMCSA Trucking Regulations

April 12, 2017 Amy Pyle

HCSS eLogs, which includes telematics that integrates with other HCSS software, is FMCSA certified to meet the December 2017 requirements for electronic logging devices. Not sure whether any of this applies to you? Visit for a simple checklist that will help you make that determination.

Why choose HCSS eLogs:

Easy to Install: With a simple, plug-in on-board device and a mobile app for your phone or tablet, HCSS eLogs is easy and intuitive. Most of our early customers have mastered using it after less than 10 minutes of instruction.

One Device to Manage: The hardware device works for light trucks (ODB2), older heavy trucks (J1708) and all new heavy trucks (J1939).

Automatic Pairing: If your drivers switch between multiple trucks, their phone will automatically pair with the GPS device without any frustrating manual connections.

Help from HCSS: We provide a simple, laminated cheat-sheet to put in the trucks for your drivers to help compliance officers (who will be learning how to work through this regulation just as much as your drivers will) perform the simple process to view the eLog. You can view a sample of the roadside inspection cheat-sheet here.

DVIR Included: Within the app, your drivers can also perform their Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR), which are also accessible online for the office.

Telematics Included: Most of all, our HCSS eLogs solution gives you all of the benefits of HCSS Telematics, which include:

  • Truck runtime hours flow into HeavyJob.
  • Equipment360’s preventative maintenance system gets the truck’s odometer reading.
  • Fault codes alerts are sent to Equipment360 for maintenance.
  • Fuel tank level is sent to FuelerPlus.
  • You can view location, alerts, and reports in our GPS Telematics website at any time with as many users as you would like.

Click here to learn more about HCSS eLogs.

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