Log Equipment Maintenance Requests with New Smartphone Apps

October 25, 2016 Mary-Ann Zykin

In response to customer requests that various employees be able to log equipment maintenance requests from their smartphones while in the field, we have released the first of two phone apps. The first is for customers who own our equipment maintenance software, Equipment360. Once a request is submitted through the Maintenance Request app, it becomes an alert within Equipment360, which can then easily be turned into a work order. The second solution will be part of the Employee App, and can potentially be used by all employees on a crew, including all of your operators. It will work with or without HCSS Equipment360.

The Maintenance Request app works with both Apple and Android smartphones. The idea is to alert the shop as soon as anyone sees an issue with equipment so the issue can be evaluated and addressed in a timely manner. Photographs can also be attached to the requests.

Brian Cooper, Project Manager for Earle Asphalt in New Jersey related an incident where one of his night shift mechanics found an issue with their milling machine. Using his phone, he reported it during the night. The next morning, a work order was created and the equipment was repaired by the time the night shift came back in. This was a day earlier than what typically would have happened before the use of Equipment360, and the company saved a significant amount of money.

Since almost everyone carries a smartphone, this capability eliminates the need for email and paper forms. Easier reporting of issues helps reduce unexpected breakdowns, which, in turn, increases your crew productivity.

The Employee App and its maintenance request feature is currently being tested by “Alpha” customers, that is, customers who are experimenting with a very early version. It should be ready for large scale “Beta” testing in December. It is anticipated that this version will be used mostly by operators to report their own issues. Maintenance requests will create an alert in Equipment360 in exactly the same way as the mechanic request mentioned above. For those without Equipment360, it will create a simple alert for whoever you wish to see it.

If you would like to be part of the Beta Test for Employee App, please email newproducts@hcss.com. To view a quick overview video of the Maintenance Request feature, visit info.hcss.com/maintenance-request.

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