December 11, 2015 Krysten Powers

Attend UGM 2016 to start building your technology plan now for the future 

UGM 2016

The year 2020 is only four years away – are you ready?

By 2020, millennials will make up approximately half of the nation’s workforce.Rise of Millenials in the Workplace infographic

Wide usage of all kinds of technology will be the norm in all industries, including construction, and efficiency of operations will be the industry’s major focus.

As it stands now, Generation Y, as millennials are known, makes up about a third of all workers across the country, according to a survey by the U.S. Census Bureau.

And according to a poll from the Pew Research Center, nearly two-thirds of American adults (64 percent) now own a smartphone. That’s up from 58 percent in 2014, and 35 percent in 2011.

Smartphone ownership is especially high among younger Americans, and 43 percent of respondents to the Pew poll have used their smartphones to research a job.

As that percentage of technology-savvy, career-focused individuals saturates the workforce, are you going to be one of the leaders in this new wave of construction?

Let HCSS help you prepare at our annual Users Group Meetings.

The primary focus of UGM 2016 is to prepare you for the future and get your technology plan in line to attract and retain the people you want to hire.

With the current shortage in construction job seekers, successful organizations will want to do all they can to attract the best new workers available.

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Bring a Team to UGM2016 to: 

  • Enable your estimators to be extraordinarily efficient, allowing them to use their time to bid more work and review estimates more thoroughly.
  • Eliminate double- and triple-entry in the field and in the office, and give your field foremen the information they need to make data-driven decisions quickly, in the moment if necessary.
  • Build an impactful fleet management program that drives better utilization, resource allocation, decision making through telematics and important data.
  • Create a safety culture that starts with the crew – the unit that provides the biggest impact on the outcome of the job – and delivers real-world safety benefits that you can use to win more work, not just check-the-box compliance that keeps you at the bare minimum.
  • Empower your management to monitor the business based on consistent, meaningful, timely data – not after the fact “cost reporting” and hunches.
  • Make your company the place to work for millennial employees because you provide an impactful role without the unnecessary paperwork that other companies require.

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