Congratulations to the 2015 Construction Intern Awards Winners

December 11, 2015 Krysten Powers

Construction interns are out there working hard to get a foot in the door of the industry. We wanted to showcase all they do to further the industry and become the next generation of great contractors. A panel of 11 top industry experts chose the best interns from more than 200 entries in our first annual Construction Intern Awards.

Intern of the Year ($10,000 Scholarship): 

Chase Ekstamchase-ekstam

School: Missouri State UniversityCompany Logo APAC

Company: APAC-Missouri

Chase spent the fall and spring semesters assisting the commercial estimators, and this summer he was in the field as an assistant superintendent. Chase brings a different aspect to APAC with his prior experience working in the field before college and his service in the military. Everybody Chase has interacted with has high praise of his ability to grasp the safety and quality culture of our company, the ideas and theories behind the work flow, and the ability to work together as a team to get the tasks and projects done.

—Doug Fronick, Estimating Manager

Finalists ($3,000 Scholarship):

Matthew Atkinsonmatt-atkinson

School: Texas A&M UniversityPrint

Company: Manhattan Construction

Matt was exactly what we look for in an intern: he was willing to learn, energetic, bright, hardworking, and most importantly, he had a passion for the industry. Matt worked on the renovations at Kyle Field, which was an amazing opportunity to learn for our entire staff. The project schedule was as condensed as it could possibly be, and Matt took full advantage of it, working 50-plus hours every week for eight months.

—Greg McClure, Vice President, Project Director 

Luis Fernandezluis-fernandez

School: Virginia TechCompany Logo_Traylor

Company: Traylor Bros., Inc.

Luis worked as heading (field) engineer on the Blue Plains Tunnel in Washington, D.C., a large-scale design-build project. He was an integral team member in the production of 4.5 miles of tunnel for the DC Water Clean Rivers Program. He was able to work successfully in our fast-paced construction environment. Luis enjoyed the opportunities to be part of our team, learning from experienced engineers. He learned to manage his time, work in situations that require deadlines, and he displayed a strong work ethic.

—Jason Diiulio, Project Engineer

Cierra Fordcierra-ford

School: Worchester Polytechnic InstituteCompany Logo PC Construction

Company: PC Construction

Cierra was employed as a Field Intern with PC’s Special Projects Group. Over the course of the summer, Cierra was exposed to a wide variety of construction projects, to include demolition at a local high school, carpentry work, pipeline repair, general clean-up, and resurfacing of an existing dam. She was able to develop a strong working relationship with her fellow laborers and foremen through good communication and hard work.

—Chet Layman, Construction Executive

James MacAdamjames-macadam2

School: The Ohio State UniversityCompany Logo Beaver Excavating

Company: The Beaver Excavating Company

James’ primary responsibility was to track and monitor project daily unit costs for five construction crews that totaled 51 crew members and over 30 pieces of construction equipment. Along with tracking costs, James would report daily with construction reports to the Bechtel representative. James also took advantage of the opportunities to learn all aspects of construction, engineering, and surveying the project presented.

—Zachary Miles,  E.I.T., former Assistant Project Manager

Michael Traboldmichaeltrabold1

School: Northeastern UniversityCompany Logo Merritt Construction

Company: Merritt Construction Services

Michael has been an intern at Merritt for the last three years and has worked entire semesters for us both in the U.S. and abroad. He is directly responsible for the development of our CESMM3 codebook for work in the Middle East. Recently, he completed the takeoffs and independently priced the Mobility Pavilion for the 2020 World Exhibition in Dubai. Michael has had a major impact on the international growth of our company.

—Rose M. Puza, CEO

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